New Approach to Adhesion

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ShearGrip® is a revolutionary new way to attach — it is a dry adhesive made from millions of solid, ultra-thin fibers that work like gecko feet and grab the microscopic contours on surfaces. This first of its kind dry adhesive can be used to make a wide range of useful products not possible with conventional glues, goos, and tapes. It isn’t tacky or sticky - which makes installation, handling, and positioning incredibly easy - but can strongly grip most surfaces, and just as easily peel off.

Made It in Akron

ShearGrip® was developed based on early bio-mimicry research from the University of Akron. The nascent concept came from the lab of Professor Josh Wong, a professor in Mechanical Engineering, in a paper aptly titled, “Do Electrospun Fibers Stick?” The paper demonstrated that individual nanofibers show contact adhesion due to molecular forces, similar to the principle of action for geckos, some spiders, and many other natural locomotive systems.

The initial research was taken to the University of Akron Research Foundation, which led to an introduction with Dr. Barry Rosenbaum and ultimately the founding of Akron Ascent Innovations (AAI). Through state (Ohio Third Frontier TVSF) and federal (National Science Foundation SBIR program) support, the company expanded into downtown Akron and is now housed in the Bounce Innovation Hub.

ShearGrip® is the culmination of four years of research into understanding how the structure of a nanofiber web influences dry adhesive performance, and how it can be scaled up for different applications. This reusable dry adhesive consists of solid fibers that are 100 times thinner than a strand of your hair. The fibers are solid and finely structured to easily conform to surfaces without flowing for high strength, but can be peeled off easily and cleanly. Products with ShearGrip can be easily removed and repositioned without leaving behind sticky residue or damaging the surface. The current batch of products, collected called the Pinless brand, perform well on a range of surfaces, including metal, glass, drywall, cardboard and plastic, with dynamic adhesive strength exceeding 50 pounds per square inch.

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