ShearGrip® - Now Available

We are excited to announce that our first generation of ShearGrip® products is finally ready - in limited quantities. ShearGrip® is a new kind of adhesive - it’s made from millions of solid, sub-micron diameter fibers that can interact with microscopic surface contours for lasting adhesion in application, but easy peel for damage-free, clean removal and remarkable reusability.

This is a first of its kind dry adhesive that can be used to make a wide range of useful products not possible with conventional glues, goos, and tapes. It feels non-sticky - which makes installation, handling, and positioning incredibly easy - but can strongly grip most surfaces, and just as easily peel off. Depending on the paper or film backing, ShearGrip® products can be used multiple times.

Before launching, we tried everything we could find on the market and concluded that there is nothing that comes close to the ease of use, strength, and removability offered by ShearGrip® technology. We sincerely hope you enjoy and get great value out of these first offerings, and that you will stick with us as we bring more fantastic products out of the lab and into the home.

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