WAKR: AAI featured on This Week in Tech Podcast

Akron Ascent Innovations’ Principal Scientist and Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Kevin White, was featured in the February 4, 2019 episode of “This Week in Tech with Jeanne Destro,” a weekly technology podcast. In addition to a rousing discussion between Jeanne and Kevin on AAI, the development of ShearGrip bio-inspired technology, and the launch of Pinless products, the show includes hackers, cyber attacks on the city of Akron, scary messages through home security systems, pothole-filling drones, and new heater technology.

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This Week in Tech is a weekly podcast hosted by Jeanne Destro. It is recorded weekly and played on 1590 WAKR, Akron’s sports and news radio station. Jeanne has been working as a morning news anchor and reporter for WAKR since October 2016, and has a particular interest in new technology and their impact on the local area.

About AAI:

AAI is a start-up company based in Akron, OH that has developed a revolutionary new type of ultra-low tack, removable adhesives material made from nanofibers. This new class of materials is able to achieve a strong, but easily removable, bond between surfaces through nanoscale interactions. This approach to adhesion was inspired by nature and is widely used in the animal kingdom, including beetles and geckos.  AAI’s platform approach to dry adhesion can be used for a range of applications, ranging from temporary signage, wall hanging hooks, and picture frame tabs, to automotive assembly, food packaging, and smart clothing.

Helpful Links:

Learn more about Akron Ascent Innovations, the makers of ShearGrip® dry adhesive, at AkronAscent.com.

Consumer products made with ShearGrip® dry adhesive now available at ThePinless.com.

Visit WAKR and listen to This Week in Tech at WAKR.net