Repositionable Gloss Photo Paper for Inkjet

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Repositionable Gloss Photo Paper for Inkjet


Premium inkjet-receptive photo paper backed with ShearGrip®, a patented, non-sticky dry adhesive made of small fibers, rather than messy glues. This is an incredibly easy way to display your precious memories — just print, peel, and press. Products with ShearGrip® dry adhesive can be applied, adjusted, and repositioned on most interior surfaces, and won’t leave a messy residue or damage your walls.

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Photo-quality inkjet paper with dry adhesive backing that can be applied, adjusted, and repositioned on most surfaces, and ultimately removed without damage or residue.

Print your favorite images, build a collage, or make your own art - attaches and removes cleanly from almost any flat indoor surface, including painted walls, doors, metal, cabinets, mirrors, and glass!


Before use: ShearGrip® products work best on a clean area. For best performance, wipe down with alcohol wipe before use.

  1. Select your desired picture and load the photo paper in your inkjet printer. Make sure the print surface is oriented correctly (either face up or face down, depending on printer). If necessary, make a mark on a plain sheet and test before printing to be sure.

  2. After printing, remove the fabric liner from the back of the image by peeling from an edge. Care should be taken to avoid damaging the paper or dry adhesive.

  3. Place your printed image on the desired wall or surface. For best results, start with light pressure and make sure it is positioned correctly. If it is crooked or not in the right spot, remove and reposition as needed.* Once you are satisfied, press on firmly.

  4. To remove, simply peel the printed sheet off the wall by lifting from a corner.


  • This product works with all inkjet printers. Do not use on a laser printer – it may cause damage to your printing head.

  • The surface of the paper is coated for great photo quality, but it tends to be a little sticky. To avoid any issues with your printer grabbing multiple sheets, it is recommended to manually feed single.

  • The papers were selected to give the best possible image quality. If printed with the correct settings, at an appropriate size for the photograph, you should get professional quality results.

  • Minimize handling of print surface before printing, because fingerprints or debris will compromise print quality.

  • Check your printer or software settings and select an option for Premium or Presentation paper, along with the finish of your paper (gloss or matte). These settings have a huge influence on the printout quality.

  • To avoid fingerprints, we recommend using the liner to cover the surface when smoothing on the wall.

  • ShearGrip® products work on most interior surfaces, but avoid areas prone to high humidity (showers), or big temperature swings (exterior window or near vents). High roughness surfaces may abrade the adhesive and diminish performance.

* If handled carefully to avoid curling the paper, ShearGrip™ dry adhesive can be reused several times on different surfaces. Take care when lifting at the edges, which tend to be the first places damaged.