Double-Sided Dry Adhesive Display & Bulletin Board

Baby's first Pinless Post
Baby's first Pinless Post

Double-Sided Dry Adhesive Display & Bulletin Board


Double-sided dry adhesive solution for an instant bulletin board. Incredibly easy, damage-free solution for organization, brain storming, and visual expression. It’s even safe for kids - no tacks, tape, or goop to worry about.

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Incredibly easy to use, damage-free solution for organization, meetings, and visual expression. It is a double-sided bulletin board created with ShearGrip®, a patented, non-sticky, high strength dry adhesive developed from research at the University of Akron. Just remove one release liner, press it on your surface, peel off the other liner, and start posting. The film can be repositioned a few times, and you can easily attach and replace pictures, documents, notes, and other flat objects. It is also easy to cut for do-it-yourself projects, including mounting, temporary fixation, and more.


Before use: ShearGrip products work best on a clean area. For best performance, wipe down with alcohol wipe and let dry before use.

  1. Remove the fabric liner from one side.

  2. Place the double-sided board in the desired area. For best results, start with light pressure and make sure it is positioned correctly. If crooked or not in the right spot, remove and reposition as needed. Once satisfied, press on firmly.

  3. Remove second fabric liner facing out from wall.

  4. Simply apply lightweight, flat material such as artwork, cards, event tickets, magazine and newspaper clippings, etc., to view until you’re ready to switch them out.



  • Areas of the board exposed to air may lose grip over time. For best results, keep as much of the board covered as possible.

  • It is easiest to remove photos and sheets if there is some overhang off of the sheet, or over another object.

  • ShearGrip® products work on most interior surfaces, but avoid areas prone to high humidity (showers), or big temperature swings (exterior window or near vents). High roughness surfaces may abrade the adhesive and diminish performance.