ShearGrip® adhesive is a new technical breakthrough that uses electrospun fibers to create a dry adhesive unlike any other material on the market. This proprietary technology overcomes many of the user pain points with conventional pressure sensitive adhesives.


ShearGrip® works by providing enormous surface area contact via designed solid nanofibers. All other pressure sensitive adhesives are essentially high viscosity liquids. ShearGrip® is a new innovation that provides a unique combination of high shear strength, low peel strength, low tackiness, clean removal, repositionability and reusability.


Compared to other pressure sensitive adhesives that claim similar properties of clean removability,  ShearGrip® has much better performance (easier to apply, higher strength, clean removal), higher value added pricing, and is being positioned in the new applications of commercial printing (paper and films) and consumer applications.


Excellent for commercial applications, ShearGrip® can be laminated to paper, synthetics paper, PET, PE and vinyl.  It can be used as decorative or functional paper/films that can be applied to a wide range of surfaces and can be processed through commercial and home printers.